March 12, 2015

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Update or Change your Aadhaar Card Details

Unique Identification Authority of India is now tired of receiving complaints regarding wrong information being printed on their aadhaar cards. UIDAI has lastly resolute to allow the people to make changes or update any wrong/incorrect information in their aadhaar card.  If you have any wrong or incorrect detail in your aadhaar card, it can be changed easily without contacting any Government officials. The procedure is although is very easy and simpler.
You can make the changes online or offline method.
Online method will change the details through the aadhaar card website of UIDAI while for the offline method you need to send the correct/appropriate information by postal service to the enrolment centers of the UIDAI in your jurisdiction. You can make the changes or update the details a maximum of four times.
Method 1: To make changes online click:
- To have a mobile number is mandatory for using the update service of the portal preferable registered mobile number. If you didn’t declared a mobile number at the time of enrollment then you can declare a new mobile number now while making changes in your aadhaar card. In case you have lost or do not own the mobile number declared before at the time of enrollment, you need to send your request either by post or visit nearest Update Centre.
- Then a web screen will appear asking for your aadhaar card number, fill the number and you will receive an OTP code.
- Enter captcha and OTP to login in the update portal.
- Choose the fields required to be updated or corrected. More than one field can be selected.
- Attach the supporting documents for the fields requiring changes as per the valid documents. For Example:

Correction in date of birth: Any supporting document with proof of date of birth
Correction in address: Any supporting document containing address and name both
- Review the details and submit the request. Do not forget to note down the URN number i.e. update request number for tracking the updation in future. You can also take down a print out of the URN number.
You can check the status of your updation/correction from UIDAI self service update portal. Click to check the status
Method2: To make changes offline click:
1. First download the correction form or aadhaar card from
2. Fill in the details required in the fields in capital letters along with the mobile number.
3. Send self attested or self signed supporting documents as per the fields required to be updated/corrected. 
    For Example-
   Correction in date of birth: Any supporting document with proof of date of birth
  Correction in address: Any supporting document containing address and name both
4. To check the list of valid documents for data update click
5. If the applicant is lesser than five years, his/her guardian can sign the document copies. In rest of the cases, applicant needs to sign the supporting documents himself/herself.
6. Marked aadhaar number on all the documents. Describe the type of the document  like PoI, Proof of age/PoA, Proof of Address /DoB, date of birth on the document copy.
7. Seal the envelope properly and mark the envelope top as "Aadhaar Update/Correction".
8. Finally send the documents or envelope to one of the below mentioned address through post.


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