March 26, 2015

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Top price tracking tools for online purchases

To know which time to buy something requires knowledge of past prices and constant watch over always fluctuating prices. Fortunately you don’t need to make a note for this since we have great tools to make it for you. Here we have chosen five of these tools based on the results and customer reviews

1.       SlickDeals Price Tracker 

Slickdeals do not just provide the information for the deals, discounts and coupons but make sure you get the best deal even if you don’t buy or just track a product online for future references. It is a kind of web based tracker which watches not on Amazon but on the well-liked Gamestop, Newegg,, IKEA and many more.

It facilitate a detailed price history for you like leading products in discounts as well as set the alert for the minimum price that you set and let you know at that level or lower than that.

It is very customer friendly as you can always check the products in your watch list and their price chart as well.

The key features for this user friendly tracker are email alerts with a different label in Gmail, unique way to track prices, collects price history, notification on the lower prices that you can’t leave yourself without buying the product. 
2.       CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel majorly take a watch list on the prices and discounts on Amazon products. To use this you have to install the browser extension to get access the features of the website. Alternatively you can just copy and paste Amazon link of the product at the website.

CamelCamelCamel displays the price variations of the product in Amazon, historical prices, and prices changes through Amazon itself or with third party sellers who sells their products on Amazon.

If you want to go for a free account this will provide you notifications in your mail if the product you are tracking reaches to minimum price you have set and results on if it’s good time to buy, it’s temporary or all time low. 
3.       PriceZombie

It is a webapp which not only track the prices but also facilitates a comparison shopping leading to price tracking, checking price histories and suggest if the product you have selected to purchase is the best for you. It has many add ons for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome which have products from various retailers like Newegg, TigerDirect, Amazon, Homedepot and many more. You just need to type a product name in the product URL at as supported retailer store which will display a complete price history like is it the right time to buy, if the product price was lower in the past or if there is any particular pattern in the price of the product like downward to make your choice at ease. The USP of PriceXombie is that the pointers where other websites stop tracking it go further.

It will help in displaying live price drops to help you in deciding if a product has real time drop mainly for newer products. It also allows you to synchronies your Amazon wish list with it so that whenever something unexpectedly gets cheaper in your wish list it will notify you.                     

4.       CheapShark

CheapShark is more techsavy in a way focusing on electronics, appliances and videogames. Dissimilar to other websites it is more inclined towards gamers who can save money on video games. Its Chrome extension easily gets mingle with the steam website to save the money of the gamers. Most of the selling places are covered by CheapShark to provide discounts on the games under one roof with a database of current prices, searchable directory from the websites like Green Man Gaming, GoG, GameStop, Origin, Amazon and many more. However it is restricted to videogames it offers the option to filter which game is available for sale and at which retailer.     

When someone checks for any game it provides the cheapest price of the game and on which date as well, which notifies you on selection the same lowest price from your choice of seller  in future for your purchase.  

If you have any other features of the mentioned websites which may be useful to our users do share with us in the comment section.   


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