March 6, 2015

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Tatkal or Immediate Marriage Certificate in Delhi

Marriage Registration is ever simpler and easy now…
A tatkal service is introduced by the revenue department of Delhi Government ensuring one can get marriage Registration certificate in 24 hours, with a ‘Tatkal’ sewa or ‘immediate service’ on payment of Rs. 10,000 as a fee.

Documents Required for Tatakal Sewa or Immediate Service          

1.       Documentary proof of age
2.       Citizenship proof
3.       Ids of the bride and groom
4.       Residence proof of both
5.       Solemnization of marriage place
6.    Affidavits

1.       Rs 10,000 for immediately authorization of the marriage.
2.    Rs. 100 as application fee for registration under the Hindu Marriage Act.
You only need to go with your complete documents and you will get the certificate on the same day. For more information on marriage registration process click 



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