March 7, 2015

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Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) – Introduction

Jan Dhan Yojana (JDY) a nationwide scheme being launched at Red Fort on 28th August 2014 by newly elected Prime Minister is an ambitious financial inclusion program. The focus of this scheme is to achieve financial inclusion of every person residing in India who does not have a bank account.
The scheme will make sure everyone should achieve financial access that is not able to receive benefits from other financial schemes of government. The financial inclusion hereby stands for financial services like saving/banking & account deposit, pension, insurance, credit in an affordable manner.                                                                                                                   

Why is Jan Dhan Yojana?
In the current state financial untouchability is a big apprehension in the country. Therefore, a universal bank account can be considered as the initial step to exterminate the financial untouchability from the country. Bank account will connect everyone in the country with our economic system and provide a source to our decision makers for planning better economic policies.        
Benefits of Jan Dhan Yojana
The scheme is performing miracles or kind of- a huge mobilization attempt to accomplish an act never achieved or attempted. The mobilization drive is exceptional which is promoting a new business field – Microfinance. Microfinance firms are funded by stock market and venture capitalists replacing the moneylender with a little less usurious business model.
The rationale of this scheme will surely provide lucrative benefits to the entire economy which must be positively considered and availed. Here are the key benefits which surely motivates the country to a flourishing future.
  1.   Every family in the country will get an opportunity to open a bank account which will be free  of cost and smoothly. This will give a place to them to put their hard earn earnings. 
  2.  Each household will be availed a RuPay debit card. With the reasonable operation of the bank account for 6 months, the account holder will be provided an overdraft facility of Rs 5000. According to Narendra Modi a debit card will help to offset the present economic apartheid in India.
  3.  These new account will be zero balance account and therefore do not require to be filled with cash at the time of opening the account.
  4.   The account holder will also be provided with Rs.30000 insurance coverage after satisfactorily complying few specification associated with the scheme which includes account opening by 26 January, 2015.
  5.  The scheme also avail an accidental insurance of 1 lakh. This will take away financial pressure from the lower income sections, which many times are left with nothing when the bread earner member of the family passes away.
  6.  The scheme also avail the mobile banking facilities of transferring and checking balances through smart phones which is much reasonable in the current economy. 

Toll Free Number for any query for Jan Dhan Yojana
1800 11 0001
1800 180 1111


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