March 16, 2015

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Marriage Registration in Kolkatta

Marriage Certificate is a valuable document which acts as an evidence of marriage and works for a number of purposes like applying for Visa, claiming bank deposits, passport application & insurance benefits in case of spouse death. Marriage Registration in Kolkatta is done as per the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or Special Marriage Act, 1954.

To make this important process easier and simpler Kolkata Government has reduced the duration of registration process from fourteen to seven days. Government is trying to eliminate the layer of agents or consultants in registration process by making the process shorter and easier.
We are here providing you a detailed description of marriage registration procedure and documents which will guide you before applying a marriage certificate in Kolkatta.
Where to apply?
You can go visit the registrar office which lies in your constituency. To know which registrar’s office will lie in your constituency click here
1.       The wife and husband should be living together and already married.

2.       The bride and groom should not be less than 18 and 21 years of age respectively.

3.       The party either husband or wife should have lived minimum for one month in the district where marriage is to be registered.

4.       There must not be more than one spouse of either husband or wife.

Step 1: Go to the registrar office with the filled prescribed application and below mentioned documents
The original documents along with the photocopies are needed to be attached with the registration form of the marriage and submitted as follows:6 joint photographs of Bride and Bridegroom in blue or white background in 2B size.
  • 6 joint photographs of Bride and Bridegroom in blue or white background in 2B size.
  • Age proof of Bride and Groom like birth certificate, driving license, passport, SSC/HSC certificate or school leaving certificate.
  • One wedding card, in case wedding cared is not available an affidavit should be submitted.
  • If marriage is solemnized in any temple a declaration from the priest containing his name, address, time and date of marriage.
  • 2 photographs of bride and groom in marriage dress of the time when the marriage ceremony was taking place to show the engagement.
  •  ID and address proof of two witnesses.   

·         Address proof: It is mandatory to have a valid address proof for one of the partner preferably husband’s to have any of the below mentioned documents which claimed their active and current residence in the city and are identified by the Indian Government.
-      Passport 
-      Ration Card 
-      Driving License 
-      Vote ID 
-      Telephone Bill 
-     Rent Agreement 
    Identity Proof: Identity proof of both Bride and Groom are required. Any Government approved document having your name and photograph like-
-     Voter ID
-     Driving License
-     Passport
-     Aadhar Card
-     Pan Card 
   In case the name of the bride changed after the marriage an affidavit is required along with the newspaper in which information about the name change is given.
P.S. All the above documents need to duly attested by Gazette officer
Step 2:  Once you submit the requisite documents Registrar will verify the content and provide a date for collecting the certificate. You will be informed on phone by registrar’s office or you can check yourself by calling there
Step:3  Go to the registrar’s office along with 2 witnesses whose Ids you have given in the mentioned documents. Registrar will ask you and witness to sign the certificate. After signing he will handover you two copies of certificate one for bride and other for bridegroom. 


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