March 30, 2015

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Industries where Industrial Networking is important for getting a Good Job

You should not be amazed to know these days there are bunch of companies which are hiring employees not on their skills but how they know their current employees. Here comes the networking. During an analysis of member data LinkedIn found that in the below mentioned industries most of new hires were already known to someone in the company. The level of connections in a company determines the position level of a new hire in many of the reputed companies which means if you have a first level connection in a company you will have better chances for getting inside the company and hopefully referred to a job by someone in the company.

 If you notice majority of these industries are highly specialized and technical industries. Obviously, it represents the typo of companies hiring through LinkedIn networking.
The least correlation between network connections and new hires are cosmetics, retail and food production.
If you see you’re working industry in the top of the chart start polishing your LinkedIn professional network.


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