March 13, 2015

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How to withdraw Provident Fund amount in India

We don’t ask you why you want to withdraw you PF or it may be an asset for your old age. We will only guide you on how to withdraw your money because it’s yours.

The process of withdrawing provident fund amount is as simple as saying it’s your money have it. With the new directives of finance ministry the withdrawal procedure of provident fund has became even simpler. If you have switched a job and want to have your money in your previous PF account you can avail it without thinking any clause like jobless factor, two months of working and so on since these are no longer exists. The procedure of withdrawal may take 7-15 days.

Here we are providing the step by step procedure to withdraw PF amount-
     1.  Download the Form19 from EPFO website alternatively you can also take the form19 from your new company HR department.

     2. Fill in the details like PF account number, date of joining and leaving, Bank account, IFSC code along with the copies of your relieving and joining letter.

     3.Visit your previous office and submit the documents there along with the filled in form there in the HR department.

     4. The HR will contact you for any query and your PF balance will be transferred directly to your bank account in 7-15 days after submission of the documents in the EPFO office by your HR department of previous company.

To check your status of claim visit:


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