March 13, 2015

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How to transfer provident fund in India

Being an alphanumeric number Provident fund(PF) number denotes the regional PF office in the first two letters while other five digits denotes the employer’s code, followed by the employee’s code.
  1. When you joins a new organization its HR provide a PF account opening form. And with this new account you will get a new PF account number.  
  2. Take the form 13 from your HR and fill in the details of your previous organization like previous employer, previous PF number, personnel information and regional PF office details
  3. Handover the three copies of the form to your HR department.
  4. HR department will fill in the necessary details and get that attested by some authorized signatory of your new company. 
  5. Then your form will be sent to the regional PF office.
  6. Then the regional office will contact to your previous employer and instigate the process of PF transfer which may take 30 days.
You can also download the form 13.

If  your old PF account cannot be transferred-

If for some reasons you are not able to transfer your PF amount your account will be still live and full of balance although you cannot get any interest beyond three years of inactivity of your EPF account.

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To check your status of claim visit:


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