March 30, 2015

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How to protect your cell phone from hackers

These days we are totally dependent on the cell phones for every information starting from contact details, pictures, important messages, files and many more. So this post is for everyone who let others sign on their mobiles for gmail, facebook and allow anyone to snoop in your messages, photos or sensitive’s applications.

You know your mobile just not require a person to snoop but it can be attacked by retrieving information from WIFI or when it gets stolen. To save your phone from such snoopers try to adopt these practices while using your mobiles.

1.       Make a habit to regularly clean the history- Your cell phone has details of incoming and outgoing calls. You must keep on deleting the history regularly like details of PayPal accounts, credit cards and e-charges as early as you can to evade falsified attacks.

2.       GPS should be disabled when it is not in use- As we are aware that there are certain apps which need access to GPS mode. Most of these apps require GPS for facilitating services so it is wise to disable the GPS when you are not using it.

3.       Update the anti-virus, apps and OS- Frequently update your antivirus and apps as it make sure mostly your apps are safe to use. Most recent updates and releases are facilitated by trusted apps.

4.       Always use passwords for your mobile- A phone with password would be difficult to hack as well as save the privacy of the mobile. One should put a unique password to the keypad of cellphone.

5.       Do not use apprehensive websites and apps- Being preventive towards your mobile are equivalent to being preventive to your computer. There are lots of malicious and spam websites. Therefore before downloading any app or website just do a random research for the app or website. Number of ratings should be checked which other reviews offer. Verify the privacy policies as well. The apps requiring other data not necessary for a website or app should not be downloaded.

6.       Use Wi-Fi networks which can be trusted- Most of the corporate locations have Wi-Fi hub where one should not switch on his mobile data. Places which have unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots invite cyber crimes which can result in hacking data from your mobile.  But it is also important to  use Wi-Fi certainly so what you can do??? Download a VPN app in your mobile. It will protect the privacy of your internet communication and IP address maintaining the privacy of your internal communication.

7.       A simple contact list should be maintained- Your mobile may have important addresses which may be critical for any hacker. So try to adopt a simple and small contact list.

8.       Try to make a habit of signing off or logging out from apps and websites- Always make an automatic log out and sign out option in the apps and websites in the cell phones.



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