March 16, 2015

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How to move your family in United States

United States – A dream destination for many of us but this achievement is not complete without the support of our family members. The tight procedures and disciplined processes of immigration department make the movement of our family members in U.S a nightmare.

Many of us define a goal to bring their family in the country in the beginning of every year as a New Year resolution but with the tight procedures of Immigration department it becomes quite difficult with the time.

Here we are providing a step by step process of moving a family to U.S. hoping it will be useful-

Step 1- The applicant should of well health. With the increasing cases of different flues and virus the getting health checkup of the applicant has became a challenge. The officials will ask for the medical clearance of the doctor, in case if someone has any health issue it can be cleared after applying the appropriate authorities.

Step2- Visit website and click on the family section. You will find different forms for family of U.S. citizens, family of Green card holders or even Fiance Visas.
Step3- In case you are the sponsor for the immigrants or applicants you should have last two years verifiable steady employment. Along with this you should have a recognized verifiable residential for the last two years.

Step4- Your salary slip should be an evident to show that you can support your family members whom you are moving to the United States. In case this is not possible you should show the evidence that upon arrival any of the family members of working age will get employment in U.S.

Step5- As a matter of fact with the increasing terrorism and religious clashes you are required to provide a brief explanation of you and your family members religion, associations and your activities.  


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