March 17, 2015

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How to apply for a Marriage License in New Jersey

       Mandate criteria to enter into a marriage

       It is necessary to fulfill these criteria before establishing a marriage relationship in New Jersey
·         Minimum 18 years of age; applicants under the age of 18 years can enter into a marriage with their parental consent and should have the consent approved by Chancery Division or by any judge of supreme court.

·         It is necessary that any of the party should not have formed a domestic partnership, civil union or marriage in the province.
      Where to apply
·         The marriage license application is required to be made in the municipality of New Jersey in which any of the applicants resides.

·         In case if none of the applicant resides in New Jersey you are required to submit the application in the municipality where the ceremony of marriage will be performed.

Note: The license in this situation will be valid in the issuing municipality.

To know when you can submit the application contact Local Registrar 

Document required while applying for a marriage license:

·         Address Proof

·         Identity Proof like passport, driving license, state/Federal I.D.

·         A witness of 18 years of age and more

·         Social security number/card

·         $28 application fees

·         In case if the former partner of any applicant deceased a death proof will be required.

·         Civil annulment documents or decree will be required in case of divorce, termination of domestic partnership, dissolvent of civil union.

·         Copy of birth certificate to validate the name of parents and other birth related information.

A substantial English translation will be required for any document in foreign language.

Download the application Form for license, civil union, marriage, Reaffirmation of Civil Union Form or remarriage.

1.       A license is issued within 72 hours of an application submission with the local registrar.

2.       The license is valid till 6 months unless registrar will not provide any particular extension period on the license.

3.       You can get only one marriage license from one marriage application. In case license expires before getting used the entire process of deriving license recurs.  

Note: Do not sign the application form before going to the Registrar’s office. You are supposed to sign the form in the presence of some officials.




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