March 5, 2015

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Bank Mitra under Jan Dhan Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana is a national mission to make sure every person has access the financial services in the country. These financial benefits include remittance, saving accounts, zero balance account, insurance, credit and pension in a reasonable approach. The government has set a target to include 7.5 crore unbanked households in financial inclusion by 26 January, 2015.

To handle this volume and mass proportion of duplicate accounts Government has decide to put a chip in the scheme with “Bank Mitra”. A Bank Mitra would be an agent in facilitating banking related services, mostly in areas which lacks the banking activities in the country. These agents would help in areas where there is no Banks and ATMs.

These Bank Mitra offer numerous services to the people lacking banking activities in their area. They will scan the potential customers for their verification and then collecting their documents. It is hoping that these Bank Mitra would be a vital individual in the banks and can aid in bridging the void, between the unbanked and banked people in the country.

Services offered by Bank Mitra                  

  1. Opening of the accounts
  2. Verification of the documents
  3. Making small value collections from depositors                                
  4. Generate mini statements for the depositors
  5. Depositing the collected amount everyday in the bank
                                                    Who can be a Bank Mitra

Banks are allowed to engage a host of agents in the banking activities to reach the mass untapped  households in the country. These agents would be government employees, retired teachers or employees, agents dealing in small saving schemes, ex servicemen from the defense and so on. In the past various channel to reach unbanked population have been tapped like public service distribution system, self help groups, post offices and common service centers but the results has not been encouraging. So banks have high expectations from these Bank Mitras to distribute the burden of this innovative business model which has a question mark on its commercial existence.

Toll Free Number for any query for Jan Dhan Yojana
1800 11 0001
1800 180 1111



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